Socks have become more and more necessary for fashionable people to wear and match. Meanwhile, people increasingly attach importance to health, so socks with various functions also be paid attention. If you want to start a sock business, here is a simple guide.

Who is this article for?

  • Sell your socks at the local store
  • E-commerce is becoming more and more popular, and this article is also suitable for online stores
  • Expand your brand product line

Cost and sale are two of the most important points for socks sale or even all products. You need to balance them and make profits.

Regarding socks alone, this can be analyzed as follows:



  • Shop expenses, which may be the rent of your store or the server and maintenance charges of your e-commerce store
  • Promotion expenses, which local stores may need billboards or activities to spread their goods, and online stores may need Google/Facebook for advertising
  • The manufacturing cost of socks
  • You can’t do everything by yourself, so you need to recruit employees


Gain sales:

  • Pay attention to the trend of socks industry
  • Getting the quantity of sale is critical no matter in online stores or actual ones
  • The decorations of your socks and shop need to have their own styles
  • Always care about the quality of your products
  • Get customers’ revisits
  • Accept customers’ suggestions


1 Cost

  • Shop expenses

No matter online store or an actual one, which is the basis for you to start your sock business. We can’t talk more about actual stores because they are different in different places, and you can get to know them personally. Online stores are simpler. There are a lot of software that can help us build e-commerce websites, and it’s easy to upgrade according to the number of your customers. Usually, you can start an online store with expense less than $50/ month, and many e-commerce platforms can help you establish your online store, such as “Shopify”, “OpenCart”, “eBay”, and so on.

  • Promotion expenses

How do customers know you? You need promotion. Whether it is an activity or an advertisement, a local store or an online store, promotion is always necessary.

  • The manufacturing cost of socks

I can tell you a lot about the cost of socks manufacturing, but you probably just need to know this: socks manufacturing is only a very small part of the production and sales, what a large part you need to do now is how to plan and conduct retail business, how to find customers and maintain them is the most important. Many manufacturers complain that the profits from socks industry are very small because they do not realize their important work is how to attract a large number of customers, after all, it is fair for everyone to get their due pay for their work.

Many of our customers are interested in the specific price of socks, but which won’t be solid data. Why? Think about it, the price of raw materials is not constant, different socks are with different materials, the different technologies are used in different socks will make them have different costs. If you really want to know, send us an inquiry. Maybe you need to know the details of the socks’ manufacturing process.


2 Gain Sales

The sale is the most important thing if you are ready for everything but without maintenance of sales, eventually, it won’t be stable.

  • Pay attention to the trend of socks industry

We cannot change trends, so wise managers keep up with them. Do you find that customers are tired of the dim colour of socks and pursue unique socks with bold designs? Or one day you find an online celebrity wearing a pair of “strange” socks, or people discussing a thing, please don’t ignore, and seize them, maybe they are your next business opportunities.

How to find the trends? The easiest way is to find a guide. If you attempt to make fashionable socks, you have to pay attention to Happy Socks. If you mainly do sports socks business, please don’t ignore Nike, Adidas.

Here is a guide of customizing socks that might help you.

  • Get Quantity of Sale

Actual stores, if you choose a good location for it, and make attractive decoration there, then there will naturally be customers, which is the advantage of actual stores. So what if you want more customers? Think about it. What are the stores that attract you? Preferences, activities, gifts… Please take a long-term view, always collect customers’ feedback and focus on providing quality socks and services, which is also applicable to online stores.

If you did a good job of making good product quality and services, you will get a good reputation, then it’s time to expand. Don’t confine yourself within the local area, that’s limited. You can gradually create your brand awareness through online advertisements (Google or Facebook, Instagram). “Fan economy” is now the most popular way to expand influence. I’m not going to talk more about that, because there are a lot of experiences, suggestions on Google and YouTube, all you have to do is search.

  • Your Own Style

We recommend that you focus on style, because customers will first be attracted by the style of your shop or socks, not by touching or wearing, so your shop’s or socks’ style are very important. Customers will first focus on style, characteristics, and then the product itself. Let your shop have its own unique style, which can lay a good foundation for your business.

  • Always care about the quality of your products

In any case, customers are ultimately your socks users, which means the quality is the most important thing for your products. No matter how unique style the product is or how successful the promotion is, if the quality is not good enough, your business can’t achieve stable and good growth. Please find a professional and responsible sock manufacturer and visit his factory by yourself if it is possible.

  • Get customers’ revisits

You will accumulate some customers. It is suggested that to let your customers know your news on sale or new product at a certain time. You can do a market survey through sales promotion or present sending. While Social Networks can enlarge these advantages, keep in touch with customers at any time, and achieve explosive business growth.

  • Accept customers’ suggestions

I’ve mentioned many times that it’s really important to actively listen to customers’ advice. Many people think that socks have been sold to customers, then their work have been done, they are wrong. Customers always need more or less improvement in products or have some other requirements toward socks. These needs or requirements, which will make your products more popular, will not be told if you don’t the initiative to ask.


3  The conclusion of Start the Socks Business

Sum up what you need to have before you start:

  • Your Unique Style: The first impression will give you a unique bonus, which is invisible, but it works
  • Creativity: Socks, packaging, advertisements, etc. all need creativity to be attractive. (ktsox provides socks and packaging design services)
  • Marketing strategy: In what kind of ways to sell products, which has always been important; finding a suitable strategy based on your own situation.
  • Reliable sock manufacturer: Considering in the long-term view, the quality of socks is the most important, of course, we would like you to contact us.
  • Persistence: You’ve done everything well. It’s great. So please persist.

Please consider these items carefully, when you are ready, then good luck!

If you are looking for a responsible and professional sock manufacturer, please allow me to recommend myself and please send an email to us in [email protected], we will respond quickly.


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